The Story about Hugo

Well you must know, Abriecosy is isolated but has one neighbour though. The man , 88 years old, is a very chat-full bloke. The man doesn’t live next door but He has a daily ritual coming up the hill for feeding a dozen of wild cats and his dog. Everyday we hear the dog calling and crying mostly when a car was driving on the gravel road. The crisping sound made the dog believe somebody was coming. It was indeed a sad and terrifying idea that a dog was locked up in a cage day in day out, for weeks, months without coming out. So the next time my neighbour stops for a chat, I asked him about the dog. Well he replied, I found the dog when he was little, he was abounded. Now I am to old to walk him out, I just give him food and clean his cage. He agreed on my suggestion to let him walk around with me during the day. He didn’t know his name at that time, so he called me that evening saying it is HUGO.

Day 1 : the release of Hugo

Meet Hugo :
Hugo is a hunting dog, so he goes sometimes far but always comes back, my neighbour says. Alright I thought , this can not be so difficult. Although! Getting Hugo through the gate was more of a challenge then I expected. Hugo didn’t listen at all, he found some nice tracks already as soon he came out.And of he goes! I was standing like a compleet idiot trying to get Hugo’s attention, but he just did what he felt like doing. Luckily I have no picture of that :-).

But anyhow, After many attempts I decided to return to my place and yes amazingly he followed. It looked already obviously that Hugo had a severe trauma , because everything scared him, so did the electrical gate too. Once inside he was friendly and like a gentleman befits, he was starting to mark his territory…
Really on everything, I was replying? Okay maybe that is normal and if it makes him feel at home , I just let it happen. I introduced Hugo to my guests , and guess what, he likes the lady’s the most. Maybe he should use an other parfum, and his breath olaalalah… Anyhow I gave him time to adjust and did some other work. At the end of the day , I had to leave at 16h , but getting him through the gate again , that was another matter. Luckily my neighbour , with his evening meal, has more effect on him.

day 2: More liberty makes one happy?

When I openend his cage, Hugo was happy seeing me and came more easily then the day before, maybe normal, trust you have to urn, no? After he enters I wanted to close the gate but Hugo was just a little bit faster so he ran out again. My neighbour suggested to leave the gate open so that he can go back to his cage so I did. And yes sometimes Hugo appeared to say hello.

When I gave him attention, it seemed to scare the hell out of him and he disappeared again. Everything went smoothly this day.My neighbor came Hugo knows the car and food was on the table.

day 3 : Houdini de Hugo .

As getting Hugo to run free became kind of a ritual , I understood he came to tell me something every time he appeared. Because the dog can’t speak, it is rather difficult to understand. That day I needed to run some arrends and because Hugo stayed nicely on the two proporties , I figured there will be no problem. I sneaked out a little bit because maybe Hugo will follow my car. But when I started the car Hugo was already before me, giving me a descending look and heading for his cage. I must say I felt a little bit guilty about it, because of his history as an abounded dog. But okay , it will not take so long and his boss will be there with food. On the road I saw that a storm was coming and thought that Hugo could find shelter in his cage.
A few hours later I came home and looked for Hugo but he was not there anymore. As he was afraid of everything I really Felt guilty leaving him behind. That night, my neighbour was worried that Hugo was not there for his food, because normally he never misses the meal.

day 4 and day 5 : Hugo was disappeared , nobody had seen him. My neighbour came multiple times looking, searched with his son on places they’ve been hunting. It really shows that my neighbour cares for him. And even though I was the one that left Hugo run free, my neighbour did not accused me of anything, he always say thanks at the end of the day. Hugo wears a collar with my phone number he said , so if somebody finds him they will call.We agreed that we call each other if one of us find him. But after two days, still nothing…

At day six I was getting a little bit worry and start driving around a little bit myself. no sign of Hugo…

Then in the evening my neighbor calls, they found him up the hill, the phonenumber on the collar was not correct and people trying to call didn’t came trough. My neighbour changed the collar with a good number and brought him back. I thought maybe my neighbour will not like Hugo to run free anymore but even thought he was missing for almost three days he was still in for the daily fitness for Hugo. He gave me a leash so I could lead him better.

Day 7 : forgiveness is something you earn…

Hugo was happy to see me in the morning letting him out of his cage, I used his leash to let him inside. Once the gate was closed, he was literally saying “fuck you” to me. It was like he gave me the finger, turned his back and run away , he didn’t come on any attempt to call him. I followed him through the garden calling him, but every time he saw me he ignored me , running the other side. Luckily, no picture of that too.

Many days goes by and Hugo get use to being here for the day. He even starts calling in the morning to get him. It is a little bizarre, the relationship we have. Sometimes he comes to cuddle him and other times when I skipped a few days (yes I have to get out once and a while too!) he give me the finger and ignore me completely. I guess we should find a balance. I also learned that sometimes we think doing the wright thing, but it is in our mind like that, it doesn’t mean it is in the dogs mind the same. Hugo learned when he comes out of his cage, that it is for hunting. And even though he is a little bit neglected, he sure loves his boss with the food. So Abriecosy has a kind of steady guest, after all abri means shelter in French 😉

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