Activities / detox / retreats

17 – 23/05/2023 et 12 – 18/06/2023


17/5 ou 12/6:

  • arrivée à partir de 16h, adresse : 1018 chemin de Campaouré, 83830 Bargemon
  • bienvenue et explications
  • repas bio, végan, légé au soir

18/5 – 21/5 ou 13/6 – 16/6:

  • 8h : yoga / méditation
  • 9h : jus de fruit
  • 10h : réunion participative
  • 12h30: jus de légumes
  • 14h : animations volontaires (méditation guidée, compresse au gingembre, promenade, massage, détox foie, détox pieds, exercice de respiration, consultations aromathérapie ou bien-être…)
  • 18h : jus de légumes
  • 19h : histoires au coucher

22/5 ou 17/6:

  • 8h : yoga /méditation
  • 9h : petit déjeuner aux fruits
  • 10h : réunion participative
  • 12h30 : repas légé
  • 14h : animations volontaires
  • 19h : dîner bio et végan

23/5 ou 18/6:

  • 8h : yoga / méditation
  • 9h : petit déjeuner bio végan
  • 11h : départ

toutes les journées, infusions à volonté et conseils de bien -être aromathérapie, nutrition, psychologique disponibles et compris dans le prix. Sur demande massage et seance de bols vibratoires.

La semaine est animée par :

  • Alia : prof de yoga
  • Vanessa : aromathérapeute
  • Geert : coach de vie, bien-être et nutrition

Prix semaine tout compris : 580 euro (chambre partagée) 820 euro (chambre individuelle)

Réservations via : formulaire de réservation (mot de passe : welcome)

A lot of people come to Abriecosy to relaxe and to enjoy the silence. And that is perfectly fine of course. For people who like some action we also provide some activities


On demand, you can enjoy a massage. We know a very good massage therapist (thai + acupressure), who comes by when we call.

price : 70 euros for 70 minutes

(to settle directly with the therapist)

Cooking class

On demand we give cooking classes. It’s in a small group (max 3 persons) that we give you an insight in our vegan kitchen. You can learn how to cook intuitively and how to create structure and balanced taste in your food. Or maybe how to fix problems that might occure (like too spicy, no flavor etc…)

price : 40 euros/person, dinner included.

Hike and picnic

On demand we take you on a beautiful walk and in our trunk a picnic basket. There’s nothing nicer than after a good walk enjoying the view in the French way with a delicious picnic.

price: depends on the walk and the amount of people, ask us

Volunteering @ Abriecosy

Out of season and when we are able to , we like to receive volunteers who want to learn and help out. It’s a joy to meet people who want to dedicate their time for a higher cause. It is an enrichment to discover other cultures from all over the world, it is sometimes like travelling.

Let’s make something beautiful together.