100% organic & vegan



Our breakfast, included in the price of the room, is nicely presented in a buffet-style. We believe a healthy and balanced breakfast is important to start the day. Mostly the breakfast table is filled with : bread (ancient grains like spelt, kamut or rye), delicious homemade salty spreads, some sugary like jam and chocolate spread, always a glutenfree section with porridge, sometimes pancakes and coconut cream, muffins and a luxery fruit basket, plant-based milks, juices…

evening dinNer

In the evening, you can reservate your place at our family table for a cosy and mostly inspiring dinner. It’s the place where stories and interesting knowledge is shared. The balanced meal is created intuitively according to healthy nutricional principles with the main ingredient “love”. We take every special dietary requirement in account, the dinner is almost always glutenfree.



inclusive : amuse bouche, main dish and dessert

exclusive : drinks

To dine with us please let us know a day before hand (sometimes some extra shopping is required).