Why vegan?

We are responsible for every choice we make in live and the impact it creates on our surrounding. Eating Vegan is the most responsible thing to do :

First for ourselves :
– You can be sure that from the second the animal is killed, anaerobe bacteria take over in order to clean up, the rotting process is started. As we are made in the same way, the last we need for a good health is more of those bacteria that breaks us down right? All kind of nasty diseases have a link with those bacteria.
– If all is energy and in the form of vibration, every food we take, will feed us with a certain vibration. The cruel way of slothering brings terror, anxiety, panic and fear in animals and thus in the meat. Look at our society and you understand.
– All animal products are acid forming in the body. If you reed the book “the ph miracle” you understand that our body has to work a lot to maintain the slightly alkaline Ph of the blood. An acid body produces fungi and diseases. It is in an acid environment where anaerobe battery thrive.
– Every animal in the meat industry is treated preventive with antibiotics and other chemical medicines. If you choose it or not it is in your meat.
– If it is already bad for our health why spend most of our food money on animal products? If you let go of meat you have a whole lot of budget more to buy quality and organic vegetables.

For the environment :
– In Belgium more then 80% of all agriculture land is used for animal production. More farmers every day change their business because they gain more money with meat production. The land is well sprayed with chemicals because it is just for animal food, no controle whatsoever.
– Animals use a lot of water, produces a lot of CO2, in fact more then all the other industries together.
– Forrest needs to make place for meadows and mais.
– The excessive manure production pollutes all ground water, rivers and eventually the sea.

For the terror of mankind:
– Just watch a movie on youtube how it really works in a slother house and realize that you support this action by being the meat from them, and you never eat meat again.

For spiritual growth:
– Most of the time vegan organizations never talk about this part but I can asure you it is an important difference. Not without coincidence all the biggest philosophers were vegan. Like I mentioned before, the energy you eat, defines you on an other level. Eating healthy vegetables make you understand things in an other perspective, make you connect stronger with other living creatures and nature as a whole.