Abriecosy wants to start projects with the intention to obtain :

  1. More autonomy in energy and livelihood.
  2. Less environmental impact.
  3. Educate people.
  4. Connecting more people on the idea and the activities.

Project energy production

In the Provence the sun is shining more then 300 days a year. We want to use this free energy source optimal to generate electricity. Abriecosy doesn’t want to support the nuclear energy plants in France at all. So the goal is to be off-grid.  (meer…)

project ecological swimming pool

In most swimming pools the use of chemicals like chlorine prevents the growth of algae and bad bacteria. People who has a pool know how intense it is to maintain the water crystal clear. Most swimmers have no clue what they are swimming in. I don’t like this at all! Not only would I like to inform people about it , but I also want to create a pool with crystal clear water and without any additives. I want to base myself on the thoughts of Victor Schauberger and the principle of mountain lakes.

Two things are important :

1 the water must be living water : like in a mountain stream water needs to turn and swirl in order to absorb oxygen and energy.

2 Plants and animal life can clear water but provide also shadows to keep the water fresh.

3 The water needs to be refreshed constantly : The water source will be diverted directly in the pool.

4 Water below 25 °C doesn’t produce any bad bacteria.

vortex cuivre




project vermicompost installation toilets

In order to create a 100% ecological site it is important to compost all toilet waste. A normal sceptic installation is not sufficient enough to eliminate all harmful nitrates and bacterias before it enters the ground water. The Vermicomposting Flush Toilet systemof Anna Edey is the way to go. Earth worms are the workers who eliminate more then 90% of the harmful substances , the rest is done by a natural filterbed.