project ecological swimming pool

In most swimming pools the use of chemicals like chlorine prevents the growth of algae and bad bacteria. People who has a pool know how intense it is to maintain the water crystal clear. Most swimmers have no clue what they are swimming in. I don’t like this at all! Not only would I like to inform people about it , but I also want to create a pool with crystal clear water and without any additives. I want to base myself on the thoughts of Victor Schauberger and the principle of mountain lakes.

Two things are important :

1 the water must be living water : like in a mountain stream water needs to turn and swirl in order to absorb oxygen and energy.

2 Plants and animal life can clear water but provide also shadows to keep the water fresh.

3 The water needs to be refreshed constantly : The water source will be diverted directly in the pool.

4 Water below 25 °C doesn’t produce any bad bacteria.

vortex cuivre




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