Our values

Our mission is to restyle modern life. Getting the focus again on the things that are really important. In order to do that, we have some basic values we are striving for. We don’t want to lecture at abriecosy, I believe strongly in learning via inspiring, inviting, discovering. Basic elements to discover the deeper meaning are the following, at Abriecosy we work on it every day:  

Get to know / love yourself

Get to know / love yourself :   How can we do good for someone else if we are not good for ourself? Be connected with yourself, your talents, your values is the first step. Healthy eating, organic food is the way to indulge yourself. Doing the things that give you energy and enjoying every small and beautiful moment is making you happy and a stronger person!  

Eat good food

Take the time to eat good food:   Taking time to grow, make , compost your own healthy food is so important. Look at all animals and you can understand that food is the number one need in life. So why isn’t food on the number 1 priority in most people’s life? We are part of nature and of course connecting with nature gives energy.  

Let go of greediness

Let go of the greediness   Greediness is in all of us, it is basically a thing of survival. But we have to make a huge difference between the one strongly stimulated by the consumer industry and the survival skill. In our society today for most people you can not talk about survival, there is enough of everything for everyone. The greed is doing so much bad and is on the base of all problems in this world. And you know what? Greed never makes you happy, always want to crave for more, it is a vicious circle with no ending.  

Doing good for someone / -thing else

Doing good for someone / -thing else   Doing good for someone else isn’t for me coming in the picture because you donated a lot of money for a project in the south. Most of the money isn’t going to the the people anyway but to the cost of the project. Furthermore many projects in the south aren’t to the benefit of the local people and their situation, most of the time we are pushing our vision onto them. Doing good starts by making time for others. It looks difficult in our demanding society but time is not something you get, time is something you make by setting your priorities right. Helping people/animals/nature in your surrounding , without any expectations , is the most rewarding for the heart.  

Be responsible for your own actions

Be responsible for your own actions:  Every action you do has an impact on this world, it has to do with being honest to yourself and your surrounding. If you eat meat it has the repercussion that you support a certain industry of killing. We make choices every day.  But do we always ask ourself the question what the impact is of our action on others, our future, the environment ? A more conscious lifestyle is all about that, being aware of the consequences of our action.  

Volunteers @ Abriecosy

Values for volunteering at Abriecosy :

RESPECT / LOVE       for yourself. for others around you. for nature. for things and equipement (every broken tool is waste)  

HONESTY                    The most important honesty is the one towards yourself.

GRATITUDE                for every thing the universe brings to us , even bad things, because from those we learn.  

DEVOTION                  everything we do , we do with love and enthusiasm