Our mission is to restyle modern life. Getting the focus again on the things that are really important in life.
A lot of people are convinced that (thanks to the industrial revolution) we are smarter, living in a more comfortable way and having a longer life. But in fact none of this is really true : most of us have lost comfort and longer life by a bad health, bad nutrition, less freedom and a high demanding society. We’ve lost knowledge in astrology, personal intuition, connection with plants, ourselves, living with seasons and natural energy sources. We’ve lost our familybound and group spirit in the West , you can still find it in the East , but it is also disappearing fast.
Bottomline : most of us are loosing themselves in a fake world created by commercial purposes. They are disorientated, lonely, eating very badly and most of the time, feeling unhappy!
Pills mask all symptoms but don’t solve the fundamental cause and even more, cause certainly problems in the future. If you really think about it, that’s exactly what the pharmaceuticals want : selling more pills. They don’t want to solve the problem, they like to maintain it. Ever thought about why the pill against aids doesn’t cure it?
If you look at it from a distance: in our society, people care more for their cars then for their body. Imagine going to the garage with your car because it makes a funny noise and the technician gives you earplugs to solve the problem? You will not be satisfied won’t you? Isn’t it exactly the same when the doctor subscribes you a pill? Chinese medicine proved 1000 years ago that pain on your stomach can have a lot of different reasons different from the stomach itself. Why do so much people have confidence in someone who got pay from the pharmaceuticals to sell you a certain medicine? We should learn in school about being our own doctor…
And then there is the importance of good food. How many of us spend rather 100 euros on luxury instead of healthy food? Isn’t food the most fundamental need of any living creature? Nowadays everything is about making money and showing others how much luxury we have and in the inside we are just feeling miserable.
Facing the truth looks maybe a bit pessimistic but it is not at all! You have to go through it in order to see the real beauty of life again…
 logo abriecosy [Automatisch opgeslagen]
Abriecosy would like to bring people together, who would like to change their way, be inspired and maybe inspire themselves. In Abriecosy , we want to bring awareness in the things we do, the impact on ourselves and our health, on others (in their uniqueness) and on nature. We want to create a space where looking for a balance is essential, just like nature does. Abri means shelter, the eco stands for ecological (and of course organic) and cosy for the place that brings peace in your head and in your heart. .
On a south orientated hillsite, not far from an idyllic village Bargemon (French Provence), we found the perfect location for our project: somewhat isolated, in the middle of the forrest with breathtaking views. Abriecosy has place to receive guests: on the one hand lodging for guests who want to be inspired by an eco vacation or a spiritual class , on the other hand for volunteers and sympathetics.
Some watersources, good ground and the famous provencial terrases are ideal to establish permaculture. The old olive trees, almond trees, fruit trees make this place a special place.
I want to invite teachers , who give classes about more conscious living, to organise it here.

Why Bargemon?

Bargemon is an idyllic little village with 7 fountains, called the pearl of the Haut Var. Bargemon is a much used setting in many paintings because of the many picturesque little alleys and squares.

Not only the village itself is one of the most beautiful of the region but it’s location is perfect for discovering de Provence. It is only 30 minutes away from the “Côte d’Azur” or in the other direction of the Alpes with the famous “Gorges du Verdon”. A little further you can easily reach Nice, Cannes or some ski stations in the Alpes.

Bargemon is located in the mountains where you can enjoy the amazing views but at the same time the warm Mediterranean climate.  The region is known for it’s olive oil and wine production.

Why vegan?

We are responsible for every choice we make in live and the impact it creates on our surrounding. Eating Vegan is the most responsible thing to do :

First for ourselves :
– You can be sure that from the second the animal is killed, anaerobe bacteria take over in order to clean up, the rotting process is started. As we are made in the same way, the last we need for a good health is more of those bacteria that breaks us down right? All kind of nasty diseases have a link with those bacteria.
– If all is energy and in the form of vibration, every food we take, will feed us with a certain vibration. The cruel way of slothering brings terror, anxiety, panic and fear in animals and thus in the meat. Look at our society and you understand.
– All animal products are acid forming in the body. If you reed the book “the ph miracle” you understand that our body has to work a lot to maintain the slightly alkaline Ph of the blood. An acid body produces fungi and diseases. It is in an acid environment where anaerobe battery thrive.
– Every animal in the meat industry is treated preventive with antibiotics and other chemical medicines. If you choose it or not it is in your meat.
– If it is already bad for our health why spend most of our food money on animal products? If you let go of meat you have a whole lot of budget more to buy quality and organic vegetables.

For the environment :
– In Belgium more then 80% of all agriculture land is used for animal production. More farmers every day change their business because they gain more money with meat production. The land is well sprayed with chemicals because it is just for animal food, no controle whatsoever.
– Animals use a lot of water, produces a lot of CO2, in fact more then all the other industries together.
– Forrest needs to make place for meadows and mais.
– The excessive manure production pollutes all ground water, rivers and eventually the sea.

For the terror of mankind:
– Just watch a movie on youtube how it really works in a slother house and realize that you support this action by being the meat from them, and you never eat meat again.

For spiritual growth:
– Most of the time vegan organizations never talk about this part but I can asure you it is an important difference. Not without coincidence all the biggest philosophers were vegan. Like I mentioned before, the energy you eat, defines you on an other level. Eating healthy vegetables make you understand things in an other perspective, make you connect stronger with other living creatures and nature as a whole.


Why ecological?

It is already a long time clear that chemical substances have a tremendous impact on our health, and the health of other living creatures. This impact shows only after a certain amount of time, different for one person or another. Our body becomes full of toxins that slow down the good functioning of our organs. Nature is already polluted in a way we can not return to 100 years ago. The government states that a small dosage of chemical in one product doesn’t harm you, but they never show the impact of the cocktail we get by using all the “convenient” product every day. Plastic packaging, exhaust gases, gases of paint and concrete in our homes, exterminators, clothing, food, deodorants, cosmetics, chemical sugars, chemical salt, flavor enhancers, cleaning products,…I can go on and fill the whole page.

Do we have to be pessimistic? No not at all , in fact it is the opposite, we need to change our habits! With Abriecosy we want to search for natural alternatives in order to eliminate most chemicals in our daily life. We can not be totally free anymore but it makes a huge difference if we eliminate the things we have impact on.

We always impact other life in order to live. Even if you are vegan, plants you eat die to give you the energy to live. The world of bacteria that lives in the soil nurturing the plants are destroyed just by making a hole in the ground. Every step we take , we crush life under our feet. So it can not be perfect but trying to make our impact to the world as small as possible is the way to go! And certainly think about what the impact is of our action. Let nature be our guide, partner to establish things. Let us try to give new life to “garbage” and make new things from already existing things. The society wants us to believe that a good economy and thus a lot of selling will bring us prosperity but if you think about it : If we all spend less money on useless things, we have to produce less so basically we all have to work less. That means more time for the important things in life like family, good food, enjoyment and it doesn’t have to cost so much.



Stay at Abriecosy

Sleeping in Abriecosy :

You can stay at Abriecosy in B&B style or for a class. On demand you can also have a vegan diner.
Abriecosy invested a lot in a good night sleep for all their guests (High-sensitive or not). All mattresses, pillows and linen are hypo-allergenic, 100% natural latex and organic cotton.

The rooms :

  • rooms available with double bed and bathroom (toilet, shower)
  • room with double and singel bed
  • family room with double bed and bunk bed
  • For classes , the max persons who can stay is 12



P R I C E S   A N D   A V A I L A B I L I T Y 

High-mid season (mai until October):

For work and ecological reasons a minimum stay of 3 nights is required

100 € / night room, vegan breakfast, linen included) for 2 persons, 10 € for extra person

animals on demand.

Low season (1 November – 30 April)

90 € / night room, organic vegan breakfast, linen included



Also for volunteers we like to reserve a place with view over the mountains. We can use hands in the permaculture garden, workshops or the building projects.







Abriecosy wants to start projects with the intention to obtain :

  1. More autonomy in energy and livelihood.
  2. Less environmental impact.
  3. Educate people.
  4. Connecting more people on the idea and the activities.

Project energy production

In the Provence the sun is shining more then 300 days a year. We want to use this free energy source optimal to generate electricity. Abriecosy doesn’t want to support the nuclear energy plants in France at all. So the goal is to be off-grid.  (meer…)

project ecological swimming pool

In most swimming pools the use of chemicals like chlorine prevents the growth of algae and bad bacteria. People who has a pool know how intense it is to maintain the water crystal clear. Most swimmers have no clue what they are swimming in. I don’t like this at all! Not only would I like to inform people about it , but I also want to create a pool with crystal clear water and without any additives. I want to base myself on the thoughts of Victor Schauberger and the principle of mountain lakes.

Two things are important :

1 the water must be living water : like in a mountain stream water needs to turn and swirl in order to absorb oxygen and energy.

2 Plants and animal life can clear water but provide also shadows to keep the water fresh.

3 The water needs to be refreshed constantly : The water source will be diverted directly in the pool.

4 Water below 25 °C doesn’t produce any bad bacteria.

vortex cuivre




project vermicompost installation toilets

In order to create a 100% ecological site it is important to compost all toilet waste. A normal sceptic installation is not sufficient enough to eliminate all harmful nitrates and bacterias before it enters the ground water. The Vermicomposting Flush Toilet systemof Anna Edey is the way to go. Earth worms are the workers who eliminate more then 90% of the harmful substances , the rest is done by a natural filterbed.





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Chemin de Campaouré 1018

83830 Bargemon






Story of the owner

As a kid, I did not really understand, nobody tells you, there comes no Manuel with your personality, is there? One thing was clear though, I was not the same like most other boys of my age. I had many talents so it seemed and I adapted myself easily to most situations, I was easy going. At a young age (36) I already lost both my parents to cancer, an event that changed my life for ever. After all, it cuts off the branch with your family tree, erases your secure nest, let you face life alone. I understood that I needed to find the same safe haven as home within myself and so my quest started. At that time I was lucky that the company where I was working provided a huge list of personal trainings for their employers, and for sure I used the opportunity fully. But with the search for my identity came also the questioning of the outside world. Although I had the opportunity to be part of some big innovation projects, I also saw the ugly world of greediness in a career chasing environment. Fast money and personal enrichment are for many directors their most important motives. This came seriously in conflict with my inner believes and I quitted. With no job, no money coming in , I start doing an exercise with myself. I still see the big paper on my living wall, with my talents, the things I liked, my values, the things I wanted to try and do, the things that gave me energy, etc… I was looking for the core of it all : my basic talent and my mission in live. It is an interesting process on all levels, I will recommend it to everyone! In those moments of standing still everything comes out : panic, feelings of freedom, anger for the system that is not really at your site, sadness, happiness and finally understanding. Understanding that all these feelings need to come out, that suppressed feelings are harmful, that ratio is serving us when we have a fight or flight situation but certainly not as a wisdom in life. I understood more clearly that we never in our childhood learn to use our most valuable skill : intuition and understanding by feeling. I discovered what it means to be high sensitive, which advantages it has. That every talent has its dark side, which we certainly don’t have to change, just be aware of it is already sufficient! On my bucket list was beside others things, doing volunteer work and so I started with a non profit organization that had a platform for short chain food supply, later they hired me for 23 hours/week. In the main while I studied NLP and became independent coach, because helping people was in my mission. And I also teached in a management school. Finally, when I saw the same patterns appearing in the small non profit as in the big money driven world, I decided to follow the path given to me during the standing still faze and I quitted again , no income at all. In de mean while I was studying healthy foods, permaculture, wild herbs, self-sufficient living, healing naturally. I throw all medicine in the garbage can, stoped using all chemical products on me, removed all amalgam fillings, reduced the use of plastic even as a food container, grew my own vegetables, started to eat only organic and finally became vegan. All of this was off course in the knowledge I was gonna need it later. I sold everything in Belgium and found a magnificent space in France with the idea to live in nature, more independent, autonomous , healthy, to focus on things that are the most important in life: growing your own food, take time to create good meals and enjoy the moment, connecting with nature and the universe and sharing with others. Abriecosy is a work in progress, but I work on it everyday to make it become closer to my vision :
Abriecosy needs to be a place where people who are open to the lifestyle, are very much welcome to enjoy, heal, participate, dream, support, enrich the idea of a different world where supporting each other is central, and where giving is the main action, where the focus is on the life art of being yourself and nurturing your body with respect and good food. Only then you can do the same for somebody else and the beautiful nature where we are a part of.