About us

Why our project?

A lot of people are convinced that (thanks to the industrial revolution) we are smarter, living in a more comfortable way and having a longer life. But in fact none of this is really true…

Why Bargemon?

Not only the village itself is one of the most beautiful of the region but it’s location is perfect for discovering the Provence…

Why vegan?

We are responsible for every choice we make in life and the impact it creates on our surrounding. Eating Vegan is the most responsible thing to do :

First for ourselves :

Why ecological?

It is already a long time clear that chemical substances have a tremendous impact on our health, and the health of other living creatures…

Our values and mission

Our mission is to restyle modern life. Getting the focus again on the things that are really important. In order to do that, we have some basic values we are striving for…

Story of Geert

As a kid, I did not really understand, nobody tells you, there comes no Manuel with your personality, is there?

Story of Vanessa

As a kid, I did not really understand, nobody tells you, there comes no Manuel with your personality, is there?


Abriecosy invested a lot in a good night sleep for all their guests. All mattresses, pillows and linen are hypoallergenic, 100% natural latex and organic cotton. This is also the reason why, although we love animals a lot, pets are not allowed in the rooms.

For ecological purposes it is more sustainable to stay at least 3 nights. That’s why we don’t accept shorter stays in high season (july-august).

For a stay longer then 10 nights we offer you a free dinner.

If you have further questions, don’t hesitate to ask us…

The rooms :

  • all rooms are available with double bed and private bathroom (toilet, shower)
  • For retreats , the max persons who can stay is 12

room “Fleur de vie” (flower of life)

Fleur de vie is the biggest room we have, with a big double bed (180×200) and a bunk bed (2x 90×200). Max 4 persons. It has a big bathroom, a dressing room and terrace with a beautiful view over the valley.

The standard price for the room is 120 euro’s/night/2 persons.

For each extra person it is 20 euro’s extra/night (160 euro for 4 persons).

The prices include a vegan breakfast , linen and towels.

The chalet “Scorpiolodge”

The Scorpiolodge is a romantic chalet in Bed and breakfast style. It has a canopy bed, a mini fridge, a bathroom and a cute terrace with view over the mountain. The terrace has the morning sun on it. The ideal room to be surrounded with nature.

The standard price for the room is 110 euro’s/night (max2 persons).

Prices include a vegan breakfast , linen and towels.

room “Anglaise”

Anglaise is an english style room in the old Bastide . The room has a big double bed (180×200) and a separate bathroom. From the room you have a beautiful view over the valley. The room Anglaise is a perfect combination with “Soleil” ,which is next to it. They both have a separate entrance than the rest of the house.

The standard price for the room is 100 euro’s/night/2 persons.

Prices include a vegan breakfast , linen and towels.

room “Soleil”

Soleil is a large room for 3 with a large double bed (180×200) and a single bed (90×200). It has a large window that gives out on the terrace with stunning view over the valley. Room Soleil has its bathroom in the hall.

The standard price for the room is 110 euro’s/night/2 persons.

For an extra person it is 20 euro’s extra/night. (130 for 3 persons).

Prices include a vegan breakfast , linen and towels.

room “Coquette”

This room is the smallest room but also a cute one. It has a double bed (140×200) and a bathroom included. It has a terrace and a beautiful view over the valley.

The standard price for the room is 100 euro’s/night (max 2 persons).

Prices include a vegan breakfast , linen and towels.

A S K   F O R   A V A I L A B I L I T Y 


100% organic & vegan



Our breakfastbuffet is included in the price of the room. A healthy and balanced breakfast is very important to start a good day, so we make it count. Our breakfast table is therefore filled with organic and allmost 100% homemade goodies : With gluten; spelt or kamut or rye bread. Glutenfree: glutenfree bread, delicious salty spreads, jams, chocolate paste. porridge, plantbased milks, muesli, sometimes pancakes and coconut cream, vegan eggs, muffins, juices and a luxery fruit basket.

evening dinNer

In the evening, you can reserve your place at our family table for a cosy and mostly inspiring dinner, every day except thursday. It’s the place where stories and interesting knowledge is shared. The balanced meal is created intuitively according to healthy nutritional principles with the main ingredient “love”. We take every special dietary requirement in account, the dinner is always gluten-free.



inclusive : amuse bouche, main dish and dessert

To dine with us please let us know a day before hand (sometimes some extra shopping is required).


Dear guests, please take notice that Abriecosy is on a way to become more sustainable every day. Making the swimming pool natural is one of the current projects. This is not the easiest road but we believe strongly in it. We want to inform that we can not tell the state of the water during your stay, naturally means also a more green color. We do everything to create clear and healthy water though.

Activities / detox / retreats

17 – 23/05/2023 et 12 – 18/06/2023


17/5 ou 12/6:

  • arrivée à partir de 16h, adresse : 1018 chemin de Campaouré, 83830 Bargemon
  • bienvenue et explications
  • repas bio, végan, légé au soir

18/5 – 21/5 ou 13/6 – 16/6:

  • 8h : yoga / méditation
  • 9h : jus de fruit
  • 10h : réunion participative
  • 12h30: jus de légumes
  • 14h : animations volontaires (méditation guidée, compresse au gingembre, promenade, massage, détox foie, détox pieds, exercice de respiration, consultations aromathérapie ou bien-être…)
  • 18h : jus de légumes
  • 19h : histoires au coucher

22/5 ou 17/6:

  • 8h : yoga /méditation
  • 9h : petit déjeuner aux fruits
  • 10h : réunion participative
  • 12h30 : repas légé
  • 14h : animations volontaires
  • 19h : dîner bio et végan

23/5 ou 18/6:

  • 8h : yoga / méditation
  • 9h : petit déjeuner bio végan
  • 11h : départ

toutes les journées, infusions à volonté et conseils de bien -être aromathérapie, nutrition, psychologique disponibles et compris dans le prix. Sur demande massage et seance de bols vibratoires.

La semaine est animée par :

  • Alia : prof de yoga
  • Vanessa : aromathérapeute
  • Geert : coach de vie, bien-être et nutrition

Prix semaine tout compris : 580 euro (chambre partagée) 820 euro (chambre individuelle)

Réservations via : formulaire de réservation (mot de passe : welcome)

A lot of people come to Abriecosy to relaxe and to enjoy the silence. And that is perfectly fine of course. For people who like some action we also provide some activities


On demand, you can enjoy a massage. We know a very good massage therapist (thai + acupressure), who comes by when we call.

price : 70 euros for 70 minutes

(to settle directly with the therapist)

Cooking class

On demand we give cooking classes. It’s in a small group (max 3 persons) that we give you an insight in our vegan kitchen. You can learn how to cook intuitively and how to create structure and balanced taste in your food. Or maybe how to fix problems that might occure (like too spicy, no flavor etc…)

price : 40 euros/person, dinner included.

Hike and picnic

On demand we take you on a beautiful walk and in our trunk a picnic basket. There’s nothing nicer than after a good walk enjoying the view in the French way with a delicious picnic.

price: depends on the walk and the amount of people, ask us

Volunteering @ Abriecosy

Out of season and when we are able to , we like to receive volunteers who want to learn and help out. It’s a joy to meet people who want to dedicate their time for a higher cause. It is an enrichment to discover other cultures from all over the world, it is sometimes like travelling.

Let’s make something beautiful together.

Places to see

It is with delight we share with you our favorite places and those of our guests in the region. Our location is perfect to visit the Provence. If you have suggestions, please let us know and we’ll add it to the list. So that others can enjoy too.


Support us to make the planet a better place, little by little, starting around ourselves. In Abriecosy we try to do things ourselves and in a sustainable way. You are welcome here to learn or to share some of your tips and tricks.

What we already do :

  • All mattresses, pillows and linen are hypo-allergenic, 100% natural latex and organic cotton for a good night sleep.
  • The swimming pool is converted to a natural filtered swimming pond.
  • All soaps we provide in rooms are home-made from natural ingrediënts.
  • Only natural cleaning products are used in guest rooms and our home.
  • Natural laundry soaps and de-stainer to wash all linens.
  • Pure mountain water out of a well is used in our rooms.
  • Energy consumption through mains power is limited at anytime for our entire property including our family area.
  • Only energy saving LED light bulbs are used.
  • Front load washing machine (water saving).
  • Natural sunlight for drying linen.
  • We don’t light up the garden at night, what gives an incredible star-picture in the sky. 
  • Vegetables, spices, fruits & herbs we try to cultivate them ourselves.
  • All food and products we use in the kitchen are organic and mostly local.
  • Abriecosy is 100% vegan, no meat production in anyway is necessary (meat production has a huge carbon and water footprint).
  • Low flow shower roses in the showers.
  • No baths to conserve water.
  • We keep areas in the garden wild to stop erosion and to maintain natural diversity.
  • Our property is “reserve oiseaux”.
  • We mulch the garden to protect the soil from erosion, to control weeds and minimize watering
  • No electricity fence that keeps wild life out.
  • We try to continuously plant or multiply fruit trees and plants to encourage local bird & butterfly population.
  • The use of plastic in the kitchen and around food is reduced to the minimum.
  • Edible kitchen food is feed to wild animals or composted in the garden.
  • Glass, plastic bottles & cardboard are recycled at the refuse depot
  • Edible landscape and Permaculture principles are applied on our property




+33 603054418


Chemin de Campaouré 1018

83830 Bargemon