why ecological?

Healthy mind in a healthy body

It is already a long time clear that chemical substances have a tremendous impact on our health, and the health of other living creatures. This impact shows only after a certain amount of time, different for one person or another. Our body becomes full of toxins that slow down the good functioning of our organs. Nature is already polluted in a way we can not return to 100 years ago. The government states that a small dosage of chemical in one product doesn’t harm you, but they never show the impact of the cocktail we get by using all the “convenient” products every day. Plastic packaging, exhaust gases, gases of paint and concrete in our homes, exterminators, clothing, food, deodorants, cosmetics, chemical sugars, chemical salt, flavor enhancers, cleaning products, wireless gadgets, phones…I can go on and fill the whole page.


Do we have to be pessimistic? No, not at all! In fact it is the opposite, we need to change our habits and mindset! At Abriecosy we want to search for natural alternatives in order to eliminate most chemicals in our daily life. We can not be totally free anymore but it makes a huge difference if we eliminate as much as we can.


We always have an impact on other life in order to live. Even if you are vegan, plants you eat, die to give you energy. The world of bacteria that lives in the soil, nurturing the plants, is destroyed just by making a hole in the ground. Every step we take , we crush life under our feet. So, it can not be perfect, but trying to make our impact to the world as small as possible is the goal! Be able to look in the mirror and take the responsibility of every action we do. Let nature be our guide, partner to establish things. Let us try to give new life to “garbage” and make new things from already existing stuff. The society wants us to believe that a good economy and thus a lot of selling will bring us prosperity but if you think about it : If we all spend less money on useless things, we have to produce less, so basically we all have to work less. That means more time for the important things in life like family, good food, enjoyment; and it doesn’t have to cost so much.

See also the page “sustainablilty” for what we already try to do at Abriecosy.