Support us to make the planet a better place, little by little, starting around ourselves. In Abriecosy we try to do things ourselves and in a sustainable way. You are welcome here to learn or to share some of your tips and tricks.

What we already do :

  • All mattresses, pillows and linen are hypo-allergenic, 100% natural latex and organic cotton for a good night sleep.
  • The swimming pool is converted to a natural filtered swimming pond.
  • All soaps we provide in rooms are home-made from natural ingrediënts.
  • Only natural cleaning products are used in guest rooms and our home.
  • Natural laundry soaps and de-stainer to wash all linens.
  • Pure mountain water out of a well is used in our rooms.
  • Energy consumption through mains power is limited at anytime for our entire property including our family area.
  • Only energy saving LED light bulbs are used.
  • Front load washing machine (water saving).
  • Natural sunlight for drying linen.
  • We don’t light up the garden at night, what gives an incredible star-picture in the sky. 
  • Vegetables, spices, fruits & herbs we try to cultivate them ourselves.
  • All food and products we use in the kitchen are organic and mostly local.
  • Abriecosy is 100% vegan, no meat production in anyway is necessary (meat production has a huge carbon and water footprint).
  • Low flow shower roses in the showers.
  • No baths to conserve water.
  • We keep areas in the garden wild to stop erosion and to maintain natural diversity.
  • Our property is “reserve oiseaux”.
  • We mulch the garden to protect the soil from erosion, to control weeds and minimize watering
  • No electricity fence that keeps wild life out.
  • We try to continuously plant or multiply fruit trees and plants to encourage local bird & butterfly population.
  • The use of plastic in the kitchen and around food is reduced to the minimum.
  • Edible kitchen food is feed to wild animals or composted in the garden.
  • Glass, plastic bottles & cardboard are recycled at the refuse depot
  • Edible landscape and Permaculture principles are applied on our property